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We begin by listening and learning. We can best help clients when we fully understand their technology and product strategies, their market positioning, competitors, as well as their expectations in Europe.

We work with clients in partnership to assess and align the market opportunity and advise them which countries are appropriate to enter, when to do so and the most optimal approach, facilitate initial introductions and support development of investment plans.

During this key phase, we will support clients in developing a value proposition which will form the foundation for successful market entry, detailed Go-To-Market, sales, marketing and services plans. We provide interim management, support initial hires and facilitate the establishment of infrastructure.

To ensure rapid revenue growth, we manage and measure the successful execution of the detailed plans, establish key measurement systems and provide coaching. To build on the initial success, we work with our clients to plan the next phases in their expansion plans and operate a constant review cycle.

Opportunity Assessment

During this phase we will work collaboratively with our clients to assess the market opportunity available to them, evaluate product readiness, and answering questions such as which countries to launch in, when to do so and agreeing the most optimal approach. Typical services include;

  • Evaluate and align with clients their business opportunity in the EMEA market
  • Review existing organisation, Go-To-Market strategy and results where necessary
  • Define appropriate markets & timing
  • Support development of comprehensive investment plan
  • Perform initial introductions, agreement facilitation and engagement with potential partners and service organisations, throughout the entire potential business portfolio spectrum of requirements.

  • Market Entry

    We support our clients in establishing all relevant elements for market entry, with special emphasis on paving the way for fast revenue generation. This can be done on a consultancy or interim management basis. Typical services include:

  • Develop comprehensive market entry plan, including Go-to-Market plans, channel strategy, customer and partner contact plans and resourcing plans
  • Develop appropriate value proposition and positioning for EMEA markets
  • Support introductions to distributors, value added resellers, system integrators, service providers and mobile operators
  • Provide support in finding and recruiting key hires
  • Marketing support, including planning, ROI analysis, PR & marketing agency selection, and development of communication plans
  • Support establishment of legal entities, payroll and accounting systems, legal, finance and administration support
  • Establish measureable KPI’s

  • Accelerate Revenue

    In this phase we support our clients in executing the defined plan, driven by agreed KPIs. This in particular, is to ensure fast contracts and revenue, as well as measure performance and take corrective actions. Typical services include:

  • Execute defined Go-To-Market, sales, marketing and services plans
  • Support negotiation of channel partner agreements
  • Facilitate introductions to customers & support closing contracts
  • Support in implementing scalable organisational structure & resources
  • Track and report key performance measures
  • Provide executive coaching to country leadership and sales teams
  • Evaluate progress and suggest corrections and jointly develop new expansion initiatives

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