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The Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region comprises over 120 countries, with a collective GDP approaching $40 trillion, and a population of 2.5Bn. The IT market for hardware, software and services is estimated to be worth over $300Bn in 2012, making the region immensely attractive to tech companies seeking to expand into new markets

However lucrative this enormous market opportunity might seem, the complexities of succeeding in Europe are often overlooked, leading to disappointment with a subsequent early and potentially costly exit for many companies. Issues such as multiple language support, intense competition, diverse business cultures, employment and other legal issues, present major challenges to new entrants.

Companies wishing to enter markets in Europe often face difficult decisions. How and when to enter? Where to find and hire the right resources? What can a few new people achieve in this large complex geography? All these challenges make entering European markets easy to underestimate, costly to enter and grow in, and even more costly to exit if expectations are not met.

So, how can entering such a lucrative, but challenging, market still be done successfully??

StepMagna was founded to help tech companies to overcome these challenges and ensure a successful market entry. Our founders and associates have all successfully led sales, marketing and services organisations over the last 20 years across 40 EMEA countries. These companies include Hewlett Packard, Digital Equipment, 3Com, Sun Microsystems, Avaya, Siemens Enterprise, as well as establishing the EMEA entry of US Robotics and AirClic.

Utilising our market knowledge, our experience and our global relationships, we help our clients to enter Europe, build high performance, scalable organisations and grow revenues far faster and more cost effectively than traditional approaches.

Our flexibility allows our clients to concentrate their own resources in strategic markets and functions to achieve critical mass there, using StepMagna's resources to augment their teams in functions or markets as appropriate and where we add significant value.

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